History of Ripley County Transit, Inc.

Ripley County Transit, Inc. is a non-for-profit Equal Opportunity employer.  We belong to a network of 31 public and non-profit transportation providers associated with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDot), to serve the needs of individuals and communities in our area and the state.  Rural public transportation is for everyone; keeping the entire community on the move!  Ripley County Transit transports all ages to their appointments, shopping, running errands, going to work, social events, library, hair appointments, etc.


Ripley County Transit has expanded over the years from providing services solely for our senior services to providing general public transportation for EVERYONE!


In 1982, a grant to purchase one van was received and it became known as the Ripley County Senior Citizen's Bus.  This was the beginning to provide transportation to the elderly and handicapped.  The Senior Citizens Bus became an addition to the Ripley County Nutrition Center, which was started in March of 1974.  The first passenger was picked up in 1982 with continual service.


In 1989, we received a twelve passenger van from Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDot).  With this addition, we were able to provide transportation five days a week.


In 1995, under Executive Director, Pat Lowery, we officially became Ripley County Transit, Inc. and began to expand services for our general public.


Later that year, MoDot delivered a Dodge Van for two wheelchairs and our growth continued to slowly soar.


In August 2002, we moved from the Ripley County Nutrition Center to a one room office space located at 102 W. Water Street in Doniphan, MO.  The office building had an open concreted area for parking.


By 2004, we had outgrown the office space on Water Street.  MoDot encouraged us to write a grant for a new facility.  We accepted the challenge knowing that this was a positive step for Ripley County’s future.


In April 2005, a notice of public hearing was held for the new facility.


In July 2007, we were approved for an 80% federally funded grant for an office and garage facility.


In 2009, as we continued to grow, our county-wide route service began transporting the general public to Doniphan and Poplar Bluff.


We have been recognized by the Federal Transit Administration, Region 7, with three awards of achievement and excellence from 2005 through 2010.


In March 2011, we relocated to our newly constructed administrative and garage facility, located just east of the city limits of Doniphan on Highway 160.


Later in May 2011, an open house was held at our new facility.


In May 2013, Executive Director, Pat Lowery retired and Laura Oldham was appointed as the new Executive Director by Ripley County Transit’s Board of Directors.


Ripley County Transit was originally contracted to transport State of Missouri Medicaid clients in our area to medical appointments within our state boundaries.  In July 2014 this expanded as the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration certified Ripley County Transit as an Interstate Agency making it possible to transport clients over state lines.


From July 2014 thru June 2015, Ripley County Transit has traveled over 330,000 miles serving our clients.  This number is expected to grow in the future.